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Are you ready to turn your God-given calling and passion into a purpose-driven, HIGHLY PROFITABLE life and business that creates lasting legacy and generational wealth for your family?

Join me for the #1 faith-based LIVE business mastery course for CEO's, entrepreneurs and coaches looking to grow their multi-million dollar business without losing peace in the process!

 Free 5-day mastery course starting December 4th at 12:00pm CST
now is the time to
get laser focused
There has never been a more important time than now for Kingdom Entrepreneurs to get crystal clear about taking their life and business to another level of impact and influence in the world today. 

Perhaps you feel a God-given calling to expand your reach, increase your visibility, and scale a multi-million dollar legacy, but you aren't sure where to start, what to focus on, or how to make it happen.

You want to build a purpose-driven, highly profitable life and business you love, but you also want to maintain your family, faith, freedom, and peace in the process.  Is it possible to have it all?

The answer is "YES" and our family is living proof. 

The L.E.G.A.C.Y. Method of life & business mastery is just one of the proven blueprints that we've used to scale companies from scratch into the hundreds of millions and build sales teams numbering into the hundreds of thousands. And now, it's your turn!
" Learn the secret to building a purpose-driven, FAITH-BASED, and highly profitable life and business you love! "



Hi, I am
staci wallace
I have been tremendously blessed, along with my husband of 26 years, to spend the last three decades growing companies from scratch into the hundreds of millions and coaching tens of thousands of small business owners in how to launch and scale purpose-driven, highly profitable lives and businesses they love. I have shared the stage with 5 U.S. Presidents, spoken before leaders of nations, raised two amazing God-fearing adults and founding our non-profit organization, EMwomen, which rescues and restores the lives of women and girls impacted by some of life's most difficult challenges. 

It all sounds dreamy, but I remember the empty feeling of being divorced, broke, abandoned, and suicidally depressed, despite knowing that God had destined me to do something great in this life. I could feel it burning in my heart but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't seem to figure out what to do or how to get unstuck.

You see, I didn't go to college. I didn't have a fancy pedigree, and I didn't come from a wealthy family. However, by simply applying the methods I am going to teach you, I now live in complete abundance in every area of my life....and you can too! 

Now is the time to stage your epic comeback story and position yourself to be the influencer and Kingdom Entrepreneur you know God has destined you to be. And once you learn these methods and the secret sauce behind the Fueled by Fire Movement...NOTHING WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU!

During this 5-day experience, you'll learn how to...

​​Identify your #1 Profit-Making Activity (PMA) and build the team that can scale it into the millions.

Create a path to securing  additional streams of income and a Smart Money tax strategy.

Build better relationships with your family, team and spouse that equate to greater unity and productivity.

​Craft your unique brand strategy so that your marketing message becomes crystal clear and magnetic.

Implement your Legacy Map to ensure your life and business are  M.A.D.E. to prosper.

Clarify your strengths and weaknesses with our S.W.E.E.T. spot life and business audit.

Apply the 1% Method of Micro-progress to increase productivity in your family, business, and life.

​​Ignite a highly profitable, purpose-driven life and business you love without losing your peace.

Reboot the seven biggest f-words of FAITH, FAMILY, FINANCES, FITNESS, FOCUS, FREEDOM AND FUN!

NOTE: This course is not for passive dreamers or those unwilling to put in the hard work to make shift happen. But it is for the entrepreneur that knows they have a God-given business or message that the planet desperately needs right now and is ready to do what's necessary to leave their mark on the world.

Are You Ready?



8-Figure leap in 9 months

170 lb weightloss

Profits have doubled

AND ON....

"FBF has had a monumental impact on our lives and businesses. We have seen acceleration in my 8-figure commercial investment business and my wife’s coaching practice has had EXPONENTIAL growth in the two years since joining Mastermind."
- Alex & Irina Chifor

"Since aligning with Staci's coaching, God has enabled me to write and publish my first book, achieve the top sales position in my company, and launch a brand and business I am truly proud to say is making a difference in the lives of many."
- Jamie Dahl

“We entered FBF Mastermind to launch our tech company. But instead, after taking the Smart Money Course, we wiped out over $200K in student loans and debt. The weight lifted off has given us a freedom that has changed our lives. To God be the Glory!”
- Hosea & LaDawn Bridgeman

"Despite my success, I lived in isolation and a lack of enthusiasm to continue my growth plan. I've learned that clarity on my WHY is the gateway to peace and profits. This program has been a total game-changer." 
- Carolyn Townsend

"Fueled by Fire has completely changed my finances, family, and entire life. It has helped me shift out of homelessness and addiction into being financially free with my faith and family totally restored."
- Christina Willis

   “FBF Mastery has forever changed my life and family. I'm on a journey of new entrepreneurship and it has helped me get crystal clear on my dream the strategic plan of action needed to bring it to life.”
-  Jena Cortines

"After one year of attending Staci's classes, my life has completely changed and I will never be the same. I am a high-performing business woman who has struggled with deep insecurity. Now, I am bold, tenacious, and using my influence to make a significant difference in the world."
- Naomie Katalika

"I was a high school dropout and started my company with zero experience. Larry and Staci have helped us scale our Tiny Home business into an 8-figure company and more than that, they have changed my personal and spiritual life forever."
- Kyler Kropf

"Fueled By Fire has radically transformed my life and marriage! I lacked clarity in my life which led to feeling insignificant. Now, I know my purpose and I am using my life and business to make life better for many."
- Brenda Smith


Yes... It is possible to incorporate your faith and family in building lasting legacy and still generate millions of dollars!

Yes... You can turn your calling into a marketplace mission field that sends massive profits through your business and into the world.

Yes...There is a proven system to give you the business knowledge and team building tools you need to be successful.

and NOW is the time!

You’re just one click away from creating a purpose-driven, 
highly profitable L.E.G.A.C.Y. you love!

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